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🚀 Launched in December 2020


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2 Product Designer, 1 Product Owner, 5 FE Engineer


Selfapy GmbH


User Research, UX Design, Concept


The goal of this project was to create a simple and centralised check-out flow that would convert users, coming from different entry points.


The problem is that Selfapy acquires their customers through multiple different streams and allows users to come from various websites into the check-out funnel. 


The challenge was to first identify the ideal customer acquisition streams and to then create a smooth check-out experience for each stream.

Rethinking the customer acquisition flow of Berlin's mental health start up

Customer Acquisition

Rethinking the Acquisition Journey for Selfapy

About Selfapy

Mental health remains a sensitive topic and the number of people suffering from psychological illnesses is increasing. The problem is that many patients in urgent need of help do not have direct access to psychotherapy. On average patients in Germany have to wait 22 weeks to find a therapy placement.

Selfapy's vision is to fill this gap and provide immediate and flexible psychological help to everyone. I had the chance to support Selfapy, one of Germany's pioneering start-ups in the field of digital health, taking the leap to a completely new online therapy experience.

Understanding our users

In the research phase of this project, I interviewed multiple patients suffering from depression and therapist and used the insights from the interview to create a patient journey map. This map provided a good overview on what the patients go through, which actions they take, what they struggle with and how they feel. With this overview we were able to identify the touch points, when and how patients reach out for help and used this information to discover where we could jump in and potentially provide support when they need it the most.  

patient/ customer journey map

Research & Ideation

Selfapy acquires their customers through different streams and allows users to come from various entry-points into the check-out funnel. 

The challenge was to first identify the ideal customer acquisition streams and then to create a smooth check-out experience for each stream. Therefore we needed to find out where Selfapy's customers are coming from. After tracking the web traffic and analysing all possible entry points such as partner websites, health insurance websites, social media channels, blogs, partner or doctor referrals and landing pages, we were able to define the three most important acquisition streams for Selfapy.

STREAM 1: Customers that come through a partner (health insurances and BGM)

STREAM 2: Customers that come through a doctor referral

STREAM 3: Customers that come independently through online/offline marketing

customer acquisition flow

Due to a new German law (Digitales Versorgungsesetz) in 2021 , doctors are allowed to prescribe digital products (DiGAto their patients. The costs for certified digital product/service would then be covered by the health insurances.

This was a unique business opportunity that would allow Selfapy to reach more patients and provide psychological help free of charge.

New Business Opportunities

The news about the DVG law highly influenced our design process. We decided to be one step ahead and therefore decided to optimise our customer acquisition flow for customers with a doctor prescription before the new law was released. 

We talked to a group of doctors to better understand how the prescription process with the help of a referral code could potentially look like and to find out what data would be needed to fulfil the requirements of the health insurances. We mapped out the required parameters into various funnels for each acquisition stream.

From Concept to Final Design

We started to design both web and mobile screens based on the flow map and tested the first concept in a user test with a clickable prototype. 

After a few more iterations we finally managed to reduce the complexity and length of the check-out flow to a bare minimum. 

In the final design we implemented a cart system on the website, that allows users to already select most parameters on the website. Users are then automatically guided into the new check-out funnel with the pre-filled data.

With this solution the funnel for each stream was optimised and shortened to provide only necessary information and options needed for this specific customer stream.

web screens of the check out funnel/ acquisition flow
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