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🛠️ Implementation planned in Dec-Jan 2021/2


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1 Designer, 1 Product Owner, 8 FE + BE Engineers, Teacher Team


Lingoda GmbH


Research, UX Design, UI Design


After each class, Lingoda teachers provide a generic class report called the class log. The problem is that there are up to 5 students attending a class, therefore the recent class logs are not personalised, they only contain a short summary of the class and an attendance list. 


The goal was to implement a new feature that would enable teachers to provide personalised feedback for each students, on top of the generic class reports. 


The challenge is that teachers have very little time in between classes and changing students, therefore we had to come up with a short and simple solution, that would make the reporting process as fast as possible without sacrificing valuable feedback for their students.

Lingoda’s Class Log

Designing a personalised feedback feature for students

🛠️ 🙈 Sorry, this section is still under construction, but in the meantime you can check out the other projects.

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