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🚀 Launched in Summer 2019


🍎 iOS ​ 

🤖 Android


2 Service Designer, 2 UI Designer, 1 Scrum Master, 2 Product Owner, 7 Developer FE+BE


with Futurice GmbH (Agency) for Bosch GmbH


User Research, UX, Service Design


PRO360 is a web and mobile application for professional craftsmen and dealers that allows them to digitalise their product inventory.

The challenge was to discover the real needs of Bosch’s user groups and create a new all-round product that would serve their needs. During our intensive user research phase, we defined the main user groups and observed their daily work.


The result is an app that serves not only private craftsmen but also power-tool dealers to speed up their work by quickly scanning tools, register them for a guarantee bonus and manage them in an inventory management system.

Pro 360

Creating an Inventory Management Tool

🛠️ 🙈 Sorry, this section is still under construction, but in the meantime you can check out the other projects.

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