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🚀 Published in November 2022


🖥️ Web  📱Mobile web


1 Product Designer, 1 Product Manager, 4 Developers


Flowcarbon Inc.


UX & UI Design


Flow3rs is a climate responsible collection, where a portion of proceeds from all transactions contributes to retiring carbon credits from nature-based projects in the developing world. 

We support artists who want to contribute their work to climate action, contributing proceeds from the sale of digital artwork directly to buy and retire carbon credits from nature-based projects. 

We are creating a world in which technology and climate action live symbiotically, mobilizing climate impact at scale.

Flow3rs -

NFT Marketplace

A platform for decentralized art and positive climate impact

🛠️ 🙈 Sorry, this section is still under construction, but in the meantime you can check out the other projects.

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